Breaking the ice..

Hey. Yea, so, I wasn’t really sure how to start. I have that sort of teething trouble always. Ironic it is, teething, considering my lifelong (rather over the last year) ambition has been to become a dentist. Way too many times, way too many people have told me that they find it rather repelling to look into other people’s mouths. But, funny though it may seem, some people actually enjoy doing what they do. They find joy in removing cavities and drilling teeth and teaching the little boy with the beautiful brown eyes what too much chocolate does to his teeth. I can already feel my head high up in pride at being addressed as a “Doctor”, something I’ve always wanted to hear before my name. Now THAT has been a lifelong dream and I’m marching towards it. 😀

I love to write, it’s just that I never know how to start. I think writing is a beautiful way to express some things you can’t always say. Like music, or dance, or drama. It’s almost magical, a free flow of thoughts running wild in a garden of imagination, tripping over the boulders of rejection and ridicule, dusting itself off and letting itself free again. It’s just something that cannot be lost, or gained, something that blooms with time if nurtured or rots if ignored. Reading, on the other hand, is accepting another’s thoughts, beliefs as your own, making someone else’s imagination a part of your own.

I believe in living. Living for what you believe, making all of your fantasies into reality. Believing in yourself, believing in those you care for and living how you want to. Life isn’t about living upto other people’s expectations. It’s about building expectations for oneself and living them out.

Dance like noone’s watching. Sing like noone’s listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Live like its the end of the world. 🙂