10 reasons you gotta love House MD

This is a tribute to one of the shows that has kept me entertained in the most boring of situations, made me lazy and fat and pulled my grades down, but made me feel clever because of the Medical stuff happening.

I’ve come to realize, I’m so MADLY in love with House MD, that I think the way he behaves is perfectly alright. Actually, there are a few reasons I wish I was just like him.

  1. He’s his own boss: He doesn’t care for what Cuddy has to say- even though she’s his boss, because at the end of the day, he’s always right.
  2. He’s good at what he does: He’s the Head of Diagnostic Medicine and he deserves every bit of it and more.
  3. SWAG. Despite the limp and the salt and pepper hair and stubble. In fact, they just add to it.
  4. He’s always funny. Sarcasm is the best form of humor.
  5. The MOST perfect blue eyes. (Okay, this is in regard to the actor more than the character, but there’s no way I wouldn’t include this in my list.)
  6. He expects the worst of a situation (Everybody Lies, ring a bell?), so if anything good happens, he gets to be PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. I call this “reciprocal optimism”.
  7. He knew how to love, he didn’t know how to show it. Isn’t that the best form of love there is? RAW natural love.
  8. He had friends who stuck despite it all. Even though he was an “ass”, as Wilson would say. At the end of the day, people still said good things about him at his “funeral”. Except maybe Wilson- that too briefly. He got away with that pretty good.
  9. He stuck by what he believed in, no matter how crazy. I think that’s what gave him the edge over others.
  10. And most importantly, he could get away with ANYTHING. If he did something crazy, people would say that’s normal for House, but if he did something nice, they’d say he’s changed. It’s a WIN-WIN.

7 thoughts on “10 reasons you gotta love House MD

  1. lol it is really really good, like the entire house series concised… i can see a bright future neha 😉 my blessings are with you 😛

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