When all feels gone,

And I feel like I have no one.

There’s always someone to prove me wrong,

Assuring me she’ll be there my whole life long.

She’s my strength, my asset,

She’d tell me about my weaknesses and teach me to face it.

She is my creator, the God I can see,

Longer than anyone knows me,

She raised me from the smallest I could be,

To what I am now,

Instilling in me values, as I grow,

She taught me all that I know.


She is my doctor, my nurse,

My teacher, my psychologist,

And whatever I tell her, I trust,

Remains highly confidential,

She is my best friend, as we talking about diets, boys, grooming,

She exhibits the qualities I would expect in a superwoman.

The one with a metaphorical “S” on her chest,

Who blends in with the rest.

In the end, proving to be the best.


I’m proud to be her shadow,

Knowing all that she would know,

As she shields me from the harsh sun,

And holds my hand when we run

Away from the things that could hurt me,

Hugging me tight when we’re free

Of it all, making everything seem alright.

And as I sleep in the night

She plants a kiss on my forehead,

Sitting on the end of my bed

Watching me, praying,

Hoping that God hears all that she’s saying.

To give her baby the all the happiness she wished she had,

And to keep her safe from all things bad..

The silent prayer of a loving mother,

Is stronger than the wishes of any other;

And that’s the reason I am where I am today,

My mother’s dreams and strength paving the way.


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