Beautiful people, beautiful things, beautiful places,

Are not the make up laden faces,

Or the things that cost you more than they should be,

And not the places you went to sightsee.

Beautiful people are the ones who care,

The people, who no matter what, were always there,

They’d listen and hold your hand always,

Through your best and worst days.

Beautiful things are mostly free,

Things that we may feel but not necessarily see,

Like the feeling of being someone’s all,

Or that proud moment when you stand tall

Because you achieved your dream;

When things are better than they seem.

Beautiful places are the ones where memories are made,

Places in our thoughts that never fade.

Like your mother’s lap, your best friend’s shoulder,

The places that get more into focus as you grow older-

Pure unspoilt moments of rapture,

More than a perfect camera can capture.

To see true beauty, accept the bittersweet reality,

There’s life beyond sadness and pity,

Smile that you’re alive for a little longer

And be proud of the things that make you stronger.

And you’ll find the beauty of life.


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