The 100 first BDS students, special in their own way,

People who we meet everyday,

Lecture hall 4- Let the fun begin,

  • Jaber Emad Al Basri– His biggest fear is spotting his unblotched attendance,

And if he does, his cheeks flush and muscles tense;

  • Deepicca Sathiyabalan is completely insane,

With her “Canada obsession” and her “perfect” mane;

  • Swathi A.M. with her straight grades,

With a perfect memory of objects, names and dates;

  • Mohammed Khalid– the boy with the best handwork,

Be it carving, Prostho or Dental Materials- he’d do it all with a smirk.

  • Dona Randini Evanka Ann Ramanayake with her really long name,

Is known for being shy and paranoid, “in a good way”,

  • Irfan Bhalloo always sits in the first row, cracking jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

Everyone remembers he looked like a carpenter on his first day,

He no more has the pencil behind his ear, by the way.

  • Janam Gill, is as reliable as they get,

Call her at 2 am, and she’ll still help you, I bet.

  • Harjot Singh loves his camera and technology,

He’ll repair your laptops, with a wide grin, for free.

  • Keum Yi Chin with her beautiful voice and hair,

Her artwork could evoke envy in anyone there.

  • Tan Loon Han whose marks are always good,

And he speaks as little as he could.

  • Carol Rowena David, “The Mouse” cause her friends say she looks like one,

She’s clever and she knows how to have fun.

  • Arunendra Vikram Singh quite popularly known as “AV”,

He’s what the unnamed boss of any class would be.

  • Charan Sekhon with her long dangling earrings,

And heels, she could be a model for all things.

  • Elaine Choong Kar Men has hair so straight,

Her inquisitive nature is her outstanding trait.

  • Pranav Bhasin with his love for sports like football,

And smart attitude which puts him out among all.

  • Sanjit Padhan is our little aeronautical engineer ,

Cute and wise are the two words that describe him here.

  • Himangi Verma may be quiet a few days,

But her friends think she’s bubbly almost always.

  • Anshu Nishchhal is one of the most active facebookers,

Judged to have a very retro look by most onlookers.

  • Aditi Chandrashekar loves her basketball and badminton,

With smooth tan skin and an attitude to win.

  • Alisha– chirpy no matter what the consequences were,

She’s someone who’s full of life in her.

  • Ann Benzy with curly hair and a peppy smile,

Friends say conversations with her could last quite a while.

  • Vatsal Jaipuria is brainy, they say,

His good sense of humor can light up anybody’s day.

  • Kanika Dembla is known for her sincerity,

She’s devoted and also pretty.

  • Aman Gupta is an ever-ready Physiology lab subject,

He’s someone you’ll find everyday in the library, I bet.

  • Radha Agarwal is a girl who is quite sweet,

She’s also one of the trustworthy people you’ll meet.

  • Vishesh Jain is one of our class’ gizmo freaks,

His doubts in class are at their peaks.

  • Sukanya Goswami is the epitome of elegance and poise,

It’s almost been a year and we still haven’t heard her voice.

  • Prashant Pratap is an active member of the sleepy group,

And he’s also the head of our class’ boisterous troupe.

  • Manish Anand is as they call him, the “Tagda Banda” of the lot,

He’s what people perceive him to be and not.

  • Nirajita Bhaduri is extremely helpful and kind,

Caring is the best word to describe her, I could find.

  • Shreya Singh much remembered for her unfortunate fracture,

A “baby” is often the best word to personify her.

  • Shreya Ghosh is very naughty, I see,

She’s also very talkative, and fun company to be.

  • Paridhi Gupta is mostly very quiet,

And as pretty as they get.

  • Basima Ali is the picture of mature,

Very down to earth and pure.

  • Shalini Singh is a person who’ll do what she can for MCODS,

She’s an active participant in class, she doesn’t just nod.

  • Sanchita Gupta is just completely “bindass”

She’s got the cutest smile in the class.

  • Reshma Dinesh, stands tall,

Her beautiful voice envied by all.

  • Archak Chakraborty– eyes the color of polished jade,

A decent boy in our grade.

  • Savitha- intelligent and creative at many things,

People love her collection of earrings.

  • Priya Sharma has the looks of a retro film actress,

She’s so good in Anatomy, she could be a teacher, no less.

  • Anjali Krishnan sits innocent and quiet,

She’s shy at the very first sight.

  • Prashasti Sharma- loud, cheerful and an expressive dancer,

Not a single moment is dull around her.

  • NK Aditya with his “Chill maadi” attitude,

To not mention how good a swimmer he is, would be rude.

  • Kasturi Chakraborti  is like a little kid(with an inbuilt loudspeaker) in an adult’s body,

She is everything she seems to be.

  • Deeksha Aggarwal, one of the few classical dancers among us,

She’s always up to date with the latest buzz.

  • Aditi Singh, non-interfering and a good listener,

One can expect very good grades from her.

  • Sukhpreet Dhillon is someone true to her name,

Always smiling, a perfect “Sikhni”, she’s always game.

  • Preeti Sagar, is a chatterbox- with a heart of gold,

She says what she believes, always bold.

  • Kingshuk Mazumder is up to date with all the news of the present day,

He’s as good as an encyclopedia, they say.

  • Aayushi Gaur makes her way into the hearts of more than you think,

She’s cute, talkative and loves all things pink.

  • Shruti Singla is helpful and sincere,

When you need her, you know she’ll always be near.

  • Gita Krishna corrects all the grammatical mistakes you make,

She’ll make you laugh so much more than your stomach can take.

  • Annie Emmanuel, quiet, as mature as can be,

Many people think she follows the footsteps of Gandhiji.

  • Rishabh Jain is someone who’ll give you free advice,

He’s like the radio of the class, sometimes bad, mostly nice.

  • Kumari Sonam Jha is the most mispronounced name,

She’s logical and clever,  it’s one and the same.

  • Sneha Nidhi, often remembered as the last girl to join the class,

She’s romantic and happy-go-lucky, as we always guessed she was.

  • Mehak Narang is still a kid at heart,

She loves all things girly and smart.

  • Divya Kohli, nothing can beat her jokes with perfect timing,

She’s got beautiful hair and smile and everything.

  • Ankita Agarwall, is clever and knows what she learns,

She’s hardworking, hence what she gets is what she earns.

  • Stalin Sachdeva, someone who maintains a good rapport with everyone,

He’s an extrovert known for all the drama he’s done.

  • Ananya Rawat is always so composed and calm,

A Harry Potter fan whose attitude is so warm.

  • Shilpi Tyagi is a girl who is sensitive as well as tough,

She’s strong, and that says enough.

  • Amit Katiyar is someone very focused and studious,

His attendance is 100% and no less.

  • Tarannum Marya is an active participant in all the class affairs,

She’s good at football, and everyone loves the stuff she wears.

  • Spardha Shrivastava is creative and God-sent,

She is an understanding, patient and loving friend.

  • Evit Rajan John is simple and sweet,

He’s one of the most talkative guys you’ll meet.

  • Sharmistha Dasgupta, extremely broadminded and outgoing,

She’s a Bong beauty, someone you’ll surely never regret knowing.

  • Arindam Mukhopadyay – a mix of seriousness and fun,

He’s notorious and friendly, all in one.

  • Suman Sinha is what she seems to be,

She won’t change for anyone, you see.

  • Suman Mukherjee is very quiet,

Guessed to be a Bengali in the first sight.

  • Shashank Trivedi is a big hockey fan,

He plays for the college as much as he can.

  • Gaurav Mitra with his million questions during lectures,

Always responding to everything he hears.

  • Georgina Ettiyil is someone very diplomatic,

She’s always cheerful and fun, I wonder what’s the trick.

  • Shweta Sukumaran, soft spoken and polite,

And good-natured, much to everyone’s delight.

  • Deepak Bandi is not the least bit fake, for all its worth,

He’s also very down-to-earth.

  • Dhara Shah is someone who gives 100% to everything,

A germphobe, with a nature that’s concerned and caring.

  • Tripti Sarin- caring, outgoing and loud,

All these qualities make her much loved.

  • Sonya D’Cruz– a talented artist, be it makeup, dance or music,

From her many qualities, it would be hard for one to pick.

  • Snehasish Basu is a musician who doesn’t need an instrument,

His upbeat nature, on his music and life, is spent.

  • Savithri Krishnan is clever and attentive,

She’s quiet but in class, all the answers she’ll give.

  • Naveena Gehlot is an ultimate foodie, we know,

She’s outgoing and someone you’ll want to talk to some more.

  • Sruthi Vijayan with her long hair,

She’s helpful and someone who’ll care.

  • Sophia Johnson is gentle and hardworking,

She’s nice at heart and eager in learning.

  • Navya Parvathy has a beautiful voice that’s so fragile,

And so is her nature, you’ll want to listen to her for quite a while.

  • Ria Majumdar is a tomboy with a dynamic personality,

She has dreams she wants to achieve, as big as this city.

  • Rashi Dwivedi , with her beautiful smile, mothers the entire hostel,

She makes an effort to know everyone well.

  • Priyanjana Das, “Tarzan” is what we call her,

She’s an extrovert who loves Daniel Radcliffe/Harry Potter.

  • Arunava Saha is the Late Lateef of the class,

And people say, he sometimes resembles Bruno Mars.

  • Arun Mayya can run as fast as a cheetah would,

He’s humble and behaves as well as he could.

  • Deeksha Jha is trustworthy and nice,

“Saas-bahu” serials are an important part of her life.

  • Nikhita Palta, known for her “Palta Jokes” or PJ’s,

She’s emotional but she smiles through her bad days.

  • Anchal Bhat is quiet and has a sweet smile,

We could say she was Kashmiri, all the while.

  • Aakriti Raj, is funloving and pretty,

Known for her “nautanki” and she’s witty.

  • Kriti Dalmia has a peaceful aura that she spreads around,

She’s a very understanding person, I’ve found.

  • Taniya Joshi is the typical girl next door,

She loves dribbling the basketball on the floor.

  • Mansi Mahendra could pass as Einstien’s daughter,

As her answers echoed over Table #5 this year.

  • Ankita Singh– caring and smart,

And she’s still a little kid at heart.

  • Ishita Mittal loves badminton and is simply hilarious,

She undoubtedly has the cutest pout in class, no less.

  • Akash Singh makes a friend- loyal and sweet,

He’s simply charming to meet.

These are who we shall interact with for the next few years,

Until the end of college life nears..


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