Mugdha <3

If someone asked the meaning of a friend,

It wouldn’t be too hard for me.

I’ve got the perfect person in mind,

Any guesses as to who that might be?


She’s someone who’s always been there,

Without expecting anything in return.

She’s always ready to apologise and forgive,

No matter how much it may burn.

For her, ego means nothing,

She’s ready to push it aside,

I respect her for that.

She puts friendship before pride.


We were different when we first met,

With completely different opinions from now,

It was back in third grade in Gita class,

We didn’t quite click then, I wonder how.

All through high school, we were “indifferent”-

And I say “indifferent” because I know how exactly you describe it,

We never really spoke much, I spelt your name wrong,

And I’m sure that annoyed “Mughda” quite a bit.

Then came the time of the Arabic dance,

And math tuitions and X-A,

We got closer and closer to each other,

More than words can say.

But just as things were starting to get too perfect,

Distance decides to show its ugly head,

Funnily though, it wasn’t as bad,

I’m happy to see, to what it lead.

We still met at tuitions,

Spent some of the moments, hard to forget.

Walking with hands entwined in the weirdest ways imaginable,

We’re as crazy as they get.

Be it the inside jokes like fire extinguisher,

Or the honest conversations that would have other people laugh till they cry,

Talking about people we love and hate,

The unimaginable names we call them by.

There had once been a time, a test,

We passed with flying colours,

Proving to me you were the best.

Anyone can stand by you when you’re right,

But it takes your best friend to stand by you even when you’re wrong,

It wasn’t over easy, it wasn’t over quick,

It took forever to get through it- quite long.

It’s funny how you cared more about me and less about you,

I realized you loved me more than I knew.


We’ve had our share of giggles,

From private jokes to private hotel rooms, *wink*

And right now, writing all of this,

Makes me miss you more than you can think.


Considering the short fuse I have,

You’re the strength to keep me from breaking,

I may fight with everyone,

But with you, I can’t really fight about anything.


There are way too many memories to write in a poem,

You’re surely worth way more than just this,

I wish I could see you right now, at least get a hug,

I hope you realize how much I miss

You right now.


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