A new place, new people, new things- all of it is very scary. It’s scary to see your life change and most of all, it’s scary to grow up. With age comes responsibility and independence, both of which are risky topics to bring up in my house. I started college with a lot of doubt and premonition, wondering if I could do it and if this was the course for me. I viewed everyone with suspicion, (Bollywood to be blamed for portraying India in such poor light) and caution.

But that was all almost a year back. Now all the women are my ‘akkas’ and the men are my ‘annas’. It started from the day of the orientation, I realized I was going to be part of a SUPERinstitution (that’s the only word that comes to mind). I was going to be part of the Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal which many of my friends recognize as “only the best dental college in India”, often suffixed that way.

Coming from classrooms with a maximum of 35 students, I was sure I’d be lost here among 100 of them. But I was wrong. MCODS has a way of making everyone feel special.  I can proudly say this, being the girl’s Class Representative of my batch.

The college displays a sort of patriotism that is almost contagious, be it cultural events, sports events or editorial board work. Talented is an understatement to describe many of my seniors and faculty. People always encouraging and pushing you to limits you never knew you had.

The lectures, sometimes interesting, mostly boring requiring a regular 6 hour dosage of caffeine to keep up with; faculty that we love; eight labs spread over a 6 day week- other students would complain.

When I first came here, I would shriek at the sight of a cockroach, but quite recently I’ve posed with one (dead) over my head. I’m getting used to seeing animals crossing the mainroads (like a boss)and it’s all very amusing. The sight of a formalin stinking dead body would send a shiver through my body and contribute to piloerection, but now, it’s all cool.

The three places I most frequently visit other than my room are CBS, Food court and Library. Our college has the most amazing infrastructure and I can’t really think of a better place to study. I love how Manipal is a perfect mix of traditional and modern: be it the infrastructure or the mentality of the people.  The and the CL building, the Marena, the Food Court, my hostel- places I look at with pride.

This is the place I want to be the referring to, when I tell my children about my college days. It has its share of everything- foodjoints and clubs to temples and churches. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but then I realize how much Manipal has changed me, and sometimes change is good.

I’m proud to be a part of the best Dental College in India. 😀


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