The zonked out bond

This is what my friend wrote for me. Katurriiiiiii :*


well, i was actually in a huge turmoil on how to start with this piece of mine.. i mean there are so many ( like innumerable) things that hit me the moment i think about that perfectly shaped, sharp-nosed, extremely long and jet black-haired , and exceptionally beautiful joker, that i really had no clue from which end to begin (literally)

we met in the most uncanny way possible, during our fresher’s auditions, (where we were morally getting punched from every aspect by our so called heads, so not a really pleasant day). all my classmates had already been insulted by our, oh-so-cool seniors ( who are absolutely useless) and it was my turn to perform now. i was pretty confident that i would manage to shut their traps completely when i would start with my singing ( see? i am not-self obsessed at all, just a realist 🙂 )…

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