So I have my finals coming up in a few days and its is precisely at this time that I understand the value of sleep. On a normal day, a 5 hour sleep would work just fine for me, but nowadays, I could sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow. The other day I actually dozed off an entire HOUR in the library over the sound of the Air Conditioner and the scratching of pens on paper, in my slightly wet jacket from the rains. And I woke up with an irritable crick in my neck, red marks on my hands and smudged eyeliner all over my face.


Its almost as though, as stress shows its ugly head over the horizon, the invisible ubiquitous force of the Sleep Gods comes into action. Maybe it’s just my coping mechanism, I don’t know, but I’m not sure if it’s the best. My system seems to be so used to coffee, it has sort of developed a resistance to it. Coffee now has the PHENOMENAL ability to put me to sleep too.

So now what happens in my head as I doze off. It’s a place I’d love to take you all through, because I seem to love it so much- IF ONLY I REMEMBERED. Those things you see inside your head, what are they? Dreams, nightmares, why? A beautiful cocktail of biological, psychological and spiritual process happening all at once, overlapping in the most non-threatening way possible- to lead us to absolute nothingness. Why is it that this nothingness is so fulfilling? Babies sleep all the time they can, children try their best to avoid sleep, but us teenagers and adults savour every moment we get.

And now writing this is making me sleepy too- not that I actually need a predecessor for it, but like I said, I love it’s nothingness. Nothing is just so beautiful.



4 thoughts on “zzzzzzZZ.

  1. Hahaha.. Whenever I fall asleep in the library, I have spit all over the table… Maybe I just drool in my dreams 😛

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