Birds of a feather..

They enter the world a miraculous way,

Their force from within cracks the shell in which they lay,

And slowly edging out of their egg- home,

With bead like eyes, wings so small and a pale chrome.


Exposed to the world, they smile and go by,

Oft they fail, they succeed; always they try,

Under the watchful eye of guardians, ever so wise,

They be cared for, nurtured and given advice.


They grow and learn to build their nests,

Mother Nature puts them through trying tests,

Pugnacious and strong, they will to survive,

And they restore of what they’ve been deprived.

This little bird will someday learn to fly,

And to the world it has known, it will bid goodbye,

The day has come, failure doesn’t falter its hope,

It’s just a stepping stone on its success kaleidoscope.

And it spreads its wings, and lo! In flight,

The world just seems all the more bright,

The unfaltering spirit of this little being,

Is what guarantees its wellbeing.

Fierce and free, they soar to the sky,

Upwards always, onwards they fly;

Focused on their destination, guided by faith,

In the glory of the rays of the bright sun they bathe,

Never forgetting where they came from, but never looking back,

Finding shelter, building a new home, keeping secure from attack,

In the heat, in the cold, no matter what the weather,

Birds of a feather, flock together.


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