English is a language universally spoken,

Be it native, fluent or broken;

It’s not all that easy, I’ll give you that much,

Grammar, punctuation and the rules are not tough as such.

So here are the mistakes commonly made,

So common, they are almost clichéd.


In the world of technology we live in now,

Short hands have become so popular, and how!

The words your and you’re oft swapped,

This is how most of the arguments on the internet are stopped.


My response to “Your beautiful” would be- My beautiful what?

To “Your welcome” would be- I most certainly hope not.

And to “I love you’re eyes” – Then you wouldn’t write this for them to see.

I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi so just let me be.

Then there’s the famous interchange between their and they’re,

As is the exchange of the words- where, were and wear.


There’s a few words, to this day, I confuse,

Much to my mother’s amusement.


When I was younger, I would fill in a dairy every night,

Maybe I was just that convinced I was a cow then,

I would even lock my little DAIRY up and quite surprisingly,

It was white.  



The interchange between the words affect and effect,

This results in a statement becoming completely incorrect,

This misuse affects me- Oh, so bad.

The effect– this poem on my writing pad.



The difference between coma and comma,

Thank you for teaching me that, dear momma,

Because I no longer put people in a state of prolonged unconsciousness,

In the middle of a sentence. God bless.


Would you like some desert on your plate?

There has been quite a lot for you to read.

I’ll put in some sand and a little palm tree too,

With how many ever cacti you need.