If Only I Could

I wrote this poem for a college competition. The topic was ‘If Only I Could’. This poem, I try to put myself into the minds of the differently abled. In so many ways, inspite of what they don’t have, they’re better than us. What if they had all that we did? I wish to see the things the way they do and change whatever puts them through pain. 

If Only I Could..

Dance with the people who haven’t had the chance,

Support them on their feet, sway to the beat of life and love that surrounds,

Handicapped- not just by fate, but by their inner demons and the society,

I’d love to see them move, threading their feet along, ever so lightly.

If Only I Could..

Sing with those who haven’t even tried,

People with so much to say, but haven’t been given the voice,

I’d love to see them raise themselves as they raise their tone, hear their laughter and cries;

Surround them not by the darkness of silence, but with the beauty of noise.

If Only I Could..

Talk to those who’ve never heard a sound,

Communicate, not with my hands in signs, but words so loud,

Show them the beauty of music and the melodies of their soul,

If they did make music, how beautiful would it be? If only I could watch that magic unfold.

If Only I Could..

Give a chance to the blind to see,

Everything that the world has shut off for years,

Would they open their eyes with surprise,

And absorb the colours of the universe?

Will they miss the darkness that surrounded them before,

Or readily engulf themselves in the majestic colours set forth?

If Only I Could..

Give life to those who live no more,

Hearts stopped before they could even take in a breath of fresh air.

They would live a life that has never been,

They could have been leaders and see what revolutionaries have seen.

If Only I Could..

See through the eyes of a special child,

Are their thoughts gentle or do their imaginations run wild?

I’d love to hear what they think and see what they do,

Their bright minds ever so dulled by an unfortunate gene pool.


Imagine if they’d been given everything we have,

They’d value it so much more than we do;

They would rise above all else, learning as they go,

Teaching us too.

I don’t wish to put us on a pedestal,

I wish to place them there.

They’re higher than us in their thoughts and actions,

I’d love to know what they have to share.

If Only I Could..