Old poem, thought of sharing. Enjoy!


Cotton candy pink and purple with fuchsia flowers during the day, with radiant orange light,

A low lying moon, the sky speckled with stars in the night,

Of princesses and candy and princes and ice creams,

This is of what this young girl dreams-

Her wonderland reflected the innocence of youth,

Never the slightest bothered about refinery and couth,

Because everything’d be acceptable, everything’d be fine,

Drifting off in her wonderland, concealed by a smile so benign.


Hopscotch, hide and seek, stumbling and jumping,

Running till he could almost feel his legs numbing,

Dreaming of the day his mother would let him stay out till late,

The young boy will be the master of his own destiny one day, he can’t wait.

His wonderland reflected his gender’s dreams,

Cars and monster trucks, racing to all extremes,

The twinkle in his eyes as he drifts away,

He knows his wonderland will become reality one day.


She’s matured into a teenager, she’ll find her Prince Charming soon,

He’d make her smile more than her favourite childhood cartoon,

He would hug her and make her feel like she’s the only one who exists,

He would match every condition on her “Perfect” list.

The teenage girl- her wonderland has changed,

Leaving the dreams of the little girl in her, estranged.


Now the teenage boy grew too, don’t you want to know about his wonderland?

He hoped to be a sportsman, or be in a band,

He hoped to be famous and make all the money he could,

Occasionally dreaming of the girl he’d marry if he could,

He’s had a few bad experiences when it comes to love,

But he can’t just throw the possibilities away, could he now?


Now, this one day, a teenage girl meets a teenage boy,

And my, oh my, did Cupid strike?

Her perfect prince is “almost perfect”, his girl quite a breath of fresh air,

They compromised a few of their dreams, here and there.

As the years went on, their wonderlands matched- they dreamt of a simple wedding in May,

They dreamt of waking up next to each other everyday,

They set out to bringing their wonderland to life,

The woman is now the gentleman’s wife.



The Sweet Taste of Revenge

I wrote this poem for a competition 2 years back. Read it today and saw how much my writing style has evolved. Thought of sharing. Enjoy!


The sun was at its mighty best, I had to do it now,

For all those times he lied to me, for all the lies of love.

My hair was bouncing with every step I took, anticipating the events to take place,

I was going to do it today, and leave not a trace.

A tiny smile disturbed my otherwise straight face,

And there he stood with her, locked in a tight embrace.

I remained unnoticed, she was far more beautiful,

He couldn’t get her eyes off her,

And why wouldn’t he? Her clothes elevated above a decent hemline,

That made her all the more attractive, I’m sure.

His hands wrapped around her small waist, accentuated by her clothes,

The dramatic curves and the radiant curls, in midair, it seemed to float.

I didn’t want to do anything childish, anything that would land me in jail,

I was going to do this slyly, without leaving a trail.

Trail reminds me of the time, he held my hand and we ran away,

He told me we would survive and love would find a way.

Trail reminds me of the pseudo wedding dress I wore,

As we exchanged vows at the seashore.


I waited as she entered the restaurant and sat down to eat,

He held her hand, the way he held mine, but something this seemed more “sweet”.

I sat on a table nearby with his back turned to me, arched in pure lust,

She was even more beautiful in person, her beauty is what burned US.

I transferred all the property and all his money onto my name,

That was the first part of this unbeatable game.

The card he’s going to be paying this meal for is currently empty,

And when he comes back home tonight, he’ll not even see the house or me.

The locks have been changed, I’ve erased him out, there’s just one last thing to do,

He’s allergic to peanuts, his epinephrine shot not on him. That’s with me too.

The order arrived, I tipped the waiter beforehand, apparently being cheated on is a reason good enough,

He put a spoon into his mouth and it started with a cough.

He choked, and dropped to the floor in an anaphylactic shock, it hurt, but I had to watch this,

The mistake was never mine, it was his.

I jumped from where I sat, and ran towards him, with the injection in my hand,

I was going to be his savior, I was the fairy with the wand.

I let him watch me stab him, and save him, knowing that he had to live with the guilt or die,

It was a choice of peaceful death or resentful life- why?

It took him a while to recover, he sat up on the chair. He looked at me, and took my hand,

And I just pushed it away.

Ann, his new girlfriend, also newly single, victim to a cheating relationship,

Was also my best friend from school, who I bumped into on a shopping trip.

She supported me every step of the way, played along with my plan,

We stood up, smiled at each other, and left the unfaithful man.


The “blame games” and the lies were getting too old.

Revenge is sweet and not fattening,  A dish best served cold.


Looking at the mirror,

Girl, what’s on your mind?

Is it what your eyes ask you to see,

Or what society asks you to find?

Don’t think you’re pretty enough;

Don’t like the way you’re outlined?

Not once should you assume you’re not good enough,

Don’t feel all alone, don’t cry..

Don’t search for those little imperfections and flaws,

That you assume everyone’s going to define you by..

Please don’t do that,

I ask you to try.

You want to be thinner, you wish you were prettier,

Wouldn’t hurt to be a little tall;

You’re not like those girls in the magazines,

Does that really matter at all?

I’d rather you be a good person, do good for others,

Lift them up when they fall..

People who matter will be there no matter what,

Trust me when I say this as I know it’s true,

A strong person is not one who is perfect,

They may be more insecure than me and you;

They just don’t put themselves down, but lift themselves up,

And lift others up with them too..

-Neha Nambiar

The Moment of Truth..

This is a poem I wrote for a college competition and bagged the first place in. The topic given was ‘The Moment of Truth’. This poem is about a woman who is giving birth out of a troubled marriage and her moment of truth. 

The wheels spinning against the cold white hospital floors,

Writhing in pain as they roll me in,

Push me past the swinging operation theatre doors,

This is the most pain in which I’ve ever been.

Lightheaded, blinded by the overhead lights,

I try to focus on the good that’s gonna come out of all this,

This entire situation so different from my lonely tear-filled nights,

I’m in the centre of attention now, stronger than ever, something seems amiss.

Unaware of all the bedlam surrounding me,

Numbed to other sensations altogether by overwhelming pain,

A soft voice over me whispers asking me to count, one-two-three..

My eyes close slowly, as I count, like a curtain of rain.

I didn’t feel a thing now, just my thoughts and myself,

A feeling of zen almost, as I think back to all I had.

And I feel my insides crying, a tiny cry of help,

As I think about my baby’s dad.

A man as low as my shattered hopes,

Married young, I learnt nothing but to obey;

Bound to this marriage by tightly bound ropes,

Raped, abused; All I did was pray.

Living with him, I changed.

From a bubbly child with hopes so bright,

I was now a slave to him, I seemed calm; My insides enraged.

But I never had the strength to set things right.

He took my childhood away from me,

Along with all of my aspirations and dreams.

And to this broken family, I was going to bring a baby?

What if he robs it of its innocence? Quite likely, that seems.

NO! Not ‘it’, ‘SHE’. My baby will be a reflection of the old me.

I’ll protect her from this devil, she shall never call him dad,

I’ll make sure her life is filled with love, dreams and possibility,

And she’ll never look back at the life she could have had.

As I think of all this, I feel strong.

I can do this alone, I can surely try,

That man is nothing but wrong..

And that’s when I hear a tiny cry..

A cry, that through the silence of my dark thoughts, tore;

I could feel my insides light up like a thousand warm suns shine,

I’m not alone any more,

I have a daughter I can call mine.

As I held her in my arms, I realise,

I know her longer than anyone else ever can,

Her tiny fingers, her tiny toes and tightly shut eyes,

I will protect this baby from that man.

With the strength I never knew I had, I realise that I am now a mother,

I smile at her, a smile so wide.

She’ll know love like no other,

She’s the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

I made the biggest decision of my life,

My moment of truth was hearing my baby cry,

I will no longer be that man’s wife,

Protecting my baby girl is what I’m going to live by..

-Neha Nambiar