Looking at the mirror,

Girl, what’s on your mind?

Is it what your eyes ask you to see,

Or what society asks you to find?

Don’t think you’re pretty enough;

Don’t like the way you’re outlined?

Not once should you assume you’re not good enough,

Don’t feel all alone, don’t cry..

Don’t search for those little imperfections and flaws,

That you assume everyone’s going to define you by..

Please don’t do that,

I ask you to try.

You want to be thinner, you wish you were prettier,

Wouldn’t hurt to be a little tall;

You’re not like those girls in the magazines,

Does that really matter at all?

I’d rather you be a good person, do good for others,

Lift them up when they fall..

People who matter will be there no matter what,

Trust me when I say this as I know it’s true,

A strong person is not one who is perfect,

They may be more insecure than me and you;

They just don’t put themselves down, but lift themselves up,

And lift others up with them too..

-Neha Nambiar


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