Old poem, thought of sharing. Enjoy!


Cotton candy pink and purple with fuchsia flowers during the day, with radiant orange light,

A low lying moon, the sky speckled with stars in the night,

Of princesses and candy and princes and ice creams,

This is of what this young girl dreams-

Her wonderland reflected the innocence of youth,

Never the slightest bothered about refinery and couth,

Because everything’d be acceptable, everything’d be fine,

Drifting off in her wonderland, concealed by a smile so benign.


Hopscotch, hide and seek, stumbling and jumping,

Running till he could almost feel his legs numbing,

Dreaming of the day his mother would let him stay out till late,

The young boy will be the master of his own destiny one day, he can’t wait.

His wonderland reflected his gender’s dreams,

Cars and monster trucks, racing to all extremes,

The twinkle in his eyes as he drifts away,

He knows his wonderland will become reality one day.


She’s matured into a teenager, she’ll find her Prince Charming soon,

He’d make her smile more than her favourite childhood cartoon,

He would hug her and make her feel like she’s the only one who exists,

He would match every condition on her “Perfect” list.

The teenage girl- her wonderland has changed,

Leaving the dreams of the little girl in her, estranged.


Now the teenage boy grew too, don’t you want to know about his wonderland?

He hoped to be a sportsman, or be in a band,

He hoped to be famous and make all the money he could,

Occasionally dreaming of the girl he’d marry if he could,

He’s had a few bad experiences when it comes to love,

But he can’t just throw the possibilities away, could he now?


Now, this one day, a teenage girl meets a teenage boy,

And my, oh my, did Cupid strike?

Her perfect prince is “almost perfect”, his girl quite a breath of fresh air,

They compromised a few of their dreams, here and there.

As the years went on, their wonderlands matched- they dreamt of a simple wedding in May,

They dreamt of waking up next to each other everyday,

They set out to bringing their wonderland to life,

The woman is now the gentleman’s wife.



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