The Move



I throw the graduation cap, as high as I possibly could,

Eyes locked on the pretty girl, in front of me who stood. 

Sighs of relief and laughs of joy surround the air around,

I walk towards my pretty girl, my heart began to pound. 


The beginning of the rest of our lives, high school is over now,

The future lay ahead of us, bright if our destinies allow.

We will go to college together and we will make this work, 

“You’re the girl I want to marry”, I tell her with a smirk.


She’s accepted into the college that she’s always wanted to go to,

I leave such decisions to the very last minute, I always do.

Rejected by the college she was in, I continued my quest,

I wanted a college right next to hers, didn’t care if it was the best. 


I sent off applications to every college; hers and all nearby, 

I am not just a high school fling, I wasn’t going to be that guy. 

Rifling through the reject pile, my prospects looked weak,

The prospect of getting into college itself, diminished, so to speak.


The college for Medical Study I applied to, sure I wouldn’t qualify,

My preferences henceforth I decided to tweak and modify. 

The college for Arts I applied to, when I can’t hold a pen steady in my hand,

Architecture, engineering and every other college rejected me, this wasn’t going as planned. 


Down to that last envelope, smile as I see the address, 

Right across her college it was, I guess. 

I peel open the envelope, heart beating in my throat, 

“ACCEPTED! Finally!”, I think to myself as I begin to gloat. 


I keep reading the letter of acceptance, my smile begins to fade,

Golly, me! What an enormous mistake I’ve made!

My only acceptance letter, from all those neighbouring towns,


Was from the Clown College, but me, I’m petrified of clowns.