The Love Letter

I spotted it where it lay, on my table, for a day,
Unable to hold it in any more,
I reached out, eager to see what it was about,
I’ve never got one of these before.
A letter of love sat before me now,
Smiling, I bring it up to my nose,
The scent unfamiliar and writing so clear,
The excitement within me rose.

Must be the boy next door, it’s him for sure,
I giggle as I think of his perfect blue eyes,
With a heartbeat so quick, on my fingers a click,
And fluttering in my tummy, butterflies.
I rip the envelope apart eager to start,
Reading what he has to say,
Cheeks a flushing red, I tumble onto my bed,
And push my pillows out of the way.

“My dearest”, it read, I felt light in my head,
As I continue to read,
“You’re beautiful and bright with eyes like a dark starry night;
And your smile is all that I need.
Run my fingers through your hair, run my fingers everywhere,
And hold you in my embrace tight;
I hope to be your man if all plays out by plan,
To love you day and night.”

Eager to see who my secret admirer may be,
My eyes descend down to the end of the note,
Eyes wide in surprise, I read the letter twice,
I try to make sense of all that he wrote.



Head spinning wild, sobbing like a child,
Eyes now blurry,
The name I came to dread, I wept as I read,
The name of the man who murdered my family.


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