This is something I wrote in light of the recent Pakistan school massacre that took place on the 16th of December 2014. I do not usually post poetry of the sort, but what has happened is beyond unimaginable. Do let me know what you think.




I don’t ask to live forever,

I ask to give me a try;

A try at being in my own future,

Not this weak excuse of a goodbye.

Like the ashes that lay,

Charred are the hearts of the ones I love;

Their prayers and cries in vain,

Ascending, to the heavens above.

Is killing me, is killing us,

The only choice you’ve got?

I wouldn’t lay a hand on you,

I wouldn’t have even fought.

I cannot seem to justify this,

No matter how hard I thought.

Humanity is not what defines humans,

Its absence is what is not.