I wrote this poem for a college competition, thought of sharing.


I wake up to a bloodstained bed,

With a disturbing fuzziness in my head.

Panicstricken, I wake my partner up, now asleep,

Shuffling, confused- my balance I couldn’t keep.


My bump that lay ahead of me,

Blocking all that I could see;

Am I losing my baby now?

This is not how I imagined it, this is not how.


The rest of that morning was just a haze,

Just a puppet to what the doctor says;

A test here, a test there,

All I had to offer was a blank stare.

And then came the moment of truth. A blade,

Right through our hearts. “You’ve lost your baby, I’m afraid.”


Show me some empathy, put yourself in my place,

Had you dreamt of my baby’s face?


My baby girl with my lips and my partner’s nose,

My baby girl- with cheeks soft like a blushing rose.

My baby girl- whose eyes would shine like the endless seas,

Whose little voice would stir the envy of singing birds on the trees.


Show me some empathy, put yourself in my place,

Had you dreamt of what my baby says?


From her first words, first words she’d had,

To “I love you mum, I love you dad.”

From her terrible twos to her terrible teens,

To the yelling and the occasional ecstatic shrieks.


Show me some empathy, put yourself in my place,

Had you dreamt of my baby on her special days?


From her baptism to her first birthday,

Celebrations galore in the month of May;

To the day she becomes someone’s wife,

And the day she brings a baby to life.


But no.

Empathise all you want,

For today- forever will haunt,

As being the day we start living with a memory,

And living life as what could possibly be.

The heavens reclaimed an angel today, this angel of mine.

Placed a glowing halo on her little head, so divine.

Go, my dear, fluff up the clouds so high,

And spread joy to the world above,

Mommy won’t cry..

Mommy won’t cry..


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