The Climb

A mind full of apprehension and a nervous disposition to match,

Youthful faces, all sorted in a batch;

Reaching Valley View, for the orientation soon,

On a rainy late July (2011) afternoon.

We climbed up the stairs to the hall on the first floor, The stairs to our near future.

At the destination, we see a door.

And here we see our family for the next five years,

As we bid goodbye to our parents with eyes filled with tears.

In the first week, entering the hostels, up the stairs, lugging our giant suitcases,

Going to our rooms, all at different paces.

Then to their hostel rooms we were led,

With a study table and a cupboard and a bed.

In a search to begin life as an adult, a long wait,

Here they begin hostel life with their roommate.

Late nights, birthdays and studying, parcels parents send,

And it’s here they make friends that last till the end.

Then, in the Centre of Basic Science, classes begin,

The three floor climb to the halls where the lectures are in,

In laboratories, we taught ourselves to learn as we do,

In lectures, we increased our knowledge on concepts we already knew.

And every year, the final exams where we lose our sanity, lose it all,

Balancing books, climbing the stairs towards the examination hall.

In three hours, writing an explosion of all that was taught,

We write all that we know- relevant or not.

In the third year, we begin postings in the realm unknown,

And here we learn how little we’ve actually grown.

Climbing to the second floor, with faces as blank as our patients are,

In a few years, will we get very far?

The exhilarating shiver treating your first patient will emanate,

The adrenaline rush, it’s all worth the wait.

And in internship, after a year or two,

We seem to know enough to diagnose and do.

And then, we graduate!

Surrounded by familiar faces, happier than one can say,

Framed by graduation hats and more mature confident faces, compared to the first day.

To receive the graduation scroll, we get on stage in pairs,

To conclude the journey of a thousand stairs..