Perfect SENSE

If I wouldn’t see you with my eyes,

I’d kiss your lips, shivers running down our spines.

I feel the warmth of your breath on the curve of my neck,

I smell the scent of your body and it smells so nice.

I feel the touch of your skin on my fingertips,

I hear your soft whispers and smiling sighs.

And even if I cannot see,

Nothing would bother me,

If I had to close my lips and there’d be no taste of you,

But words you speak of love so true,

Feeling you hold me close and tight,

Your scent reminds me everything’s alright.

And without my sight or taste to spare,

I really wouldn’t care,

If everything I could hear went away,

Still next to you I would lay.

Smelling your presence and feeling your touch,

That would be enough, perhaps too much.

And if I fail to see and taste and hear,

And fail to smell you too, my dear,

I’d still be calm and be right there,

Feeling your fingers through my hair,

Feeling your breath on my skin,

And feeling you everywhere- the perfect sin.

And if I couldn’t feel a thing,

I wouldn’t bother to make amends,

Because you and me- would still make perfect SENSE.


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