True Colours

Think back, think back, as far as you can,

It’s always been a man for a woman and a woman for a man.

But there are some who do wish to break free,

Some people not so different from you and me.


Restrained by all, held behind a closet locked,

People judging all they do, the way they talked and walked.

And even if they did try to break free,

Chained they were, by society.


Women are women, regardless of sex,

Men are men in most respects,

You can be both or a mix of the two,

You can be neither if that’s what suits you.


People are people whatever their parts,

But what really matters is what’s inside their hearts,

So, break free, wash out that black and white they’ve painted onto you,

And let your true colours shine through.



Oh, such a power are thee,

Preserver and Destroyer, a blessing and a curse,

For within the flames, more than one can see,

Lies the meaning of the universe.


The Gods and Goddesses, smile in the light of your being, everywhere.

Our prayers ascend into the heavens with your heat.

For, a small candlelit thought, I need you there,

In thy presence can only celebration be complete.


But on the other end, if the evil in your name shall grow,

The licking tongues of your mighty flame,

Can engulf and devour all that we know,

Leaving nothing but ASH, of all that one can name.


In your hands, we are merely a puppet doll,

For the cycle of life begins and ends with a flaming pyre,

And as you continue to persevere and rise from the ashes that fall,

We bow down to your power, OH MIGHTY FIRE!

And it was all yellow..


Rest in peace, my darling, for you’re in a better place,

Away from all that has put you in pain.

I’d love to see your handsome face,

And hold your hands and lay next to you again.


But all that I have here, all that I know,

It is all yellow.


The wreaths at your funeral, the clothes you lay in,

The colour of the setting sun as they carried you away,

Your jaundiced body, pale and thin;

Oh! If only you could stay.


But all that I have here, all that I know,

It is all yellow.


My love, I now leave the house starched with our memories,

The familiar sounds and those familiar sights,

The yellow flowers blooming on the backyard trees,

It all feels so different these lonely nights.

But I have to leave, I have to go. It’s just too much pain.

I have to pack, you know I am just how slow.

Remember that time we packed up and went to Spain?

And just lay in the balcony, to the rising sun and yellow skies above.


But all that I have here, all that I know,

It is all yellow.


I open the wardrobe where you kept your things,

Searching for a part of you I am not ready to let go,

And like a yellow butterfly, fluttering its wings,

My heart does too, a flutter did it throw.


And there it lay, in all its glory,

All that is left now of your life,

My eyes well up and vision gets blurry,

Looking at this box in the hands of your wife.


Once a white box, now a yellow hue,

Collecting years of dust, that I brush hastily off,

The floating dust, like a sandstorm it grew,

And as it rises, I cough.


All that I have here, all that I know,

It is all yellow.


I open the box to see all that it contains,

A few old photographs, yellowed with age,

Pictures of us from long gone summers and winters and rains,

And there there was, a yellowed page.


But all that I have here, all that I know,

It is all yellow.


The first letter you wrote me back then,

Where you told me that you would marry me,

And ask my father for my hand, remember when?

My eyes filled with tears , blurring what I can see.


This was before it all, before the Alzheimer’s came,

And yellowed away your healthy brain,

Put into reality my worst fears,

The memory lapses drove you insane.


But darling, you’re in a better place now, rest in peace, my love,

And I know that you are watching me from up above.

Because all that I have here, all that I know,

It is all yellow.


The flashbacks, the memories of our everyday,

And now, the colour of our ceiling as I hit the floor,

I’ll see you soon, I’m on my way,

I’m saying goodbye to the world and joining you once more.

.. And it was all yellow.