Oh, such a power are thee,

Preserver and Destroyer, a blessing and a curse,

For within the flames, more than one can see,

Lies the meaning of the universe.


The Gods and Goddesses, smile in the light of your being, everywhere.

Our prayers ascend into the heavens with your heat.

For, a small candlelit thought, I need you there,

In thy presence can only celebration be complete.


But on the other end, if the evil in your name shall grow,

The licking tongues of your mighty flame,

Can engulf and devour all that we know,

Leaving nothing but ASH, of all that one can name.


In your hands, we are merely a puppet doll,

For the cycle of life begins and ends with a flaming pyre,

And as you continue to persevere and rise from the ashes that fall,

We bow down to your power, OH MIGHTY FIRE!


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