The thirsty lands pray for rain,
Farmers go hungry; no water- no grain.
The parched lands beneath dry tanned skins,
The masses, the cattles, the produce thins.

Eyes gazing upwards, in hope, remain,
Their prayers unanswered, all in vain,
Their dried up wells and dried up dreams,
Drought hit it all, it seems.

Our ears ache for the melody of rain,
To put an end to all their pain,
And when the sweet trickling showers do show,
Prayers of gratitude mightily grow.

The melody of rain that all have prayed for,
The once harsh, now clouded sun,
Has sprouted life once more,
One by one, one by one.



Tick- tock. Tick- tock. Tick- tock.
The seconds pass by, my hands cold as slate,
My eyes hurriedly gaze at the wall clock,
Plummeting into the corporate world, I await my fate.

Not unlike an egg laid in the sea,
Plummeting into its depths and how,
Unsure of what the future may be,
This is how I felt at my first interview now.

My letter of appointment and my first day,
Many of my friends who hadn’t made it through;
Suited up, in black and grey,
This was the job for me, I just knew.

Not unlike a tadpole green,
Flapping its tail, swimming the mighty big sea,
Learning to grow, in surroundings hostile and mean,
The young tadpole isn’t that different from me.

The job goes on, paralleled by none,
Learning as I fall and standing back up when I do,
The metamorphosis from a student to a professional, step at a time, one by one,
I realized how much I grew.

Not unlike the tadpole growing gradually
Transforming each and every day,
I barely even recognized the new me,
How I had grown in every way.

And the day I realized the sea isn’t all there is for me,
An amphibian I was, a family I have to grow,
The day I started my family,
Is the happiest day I came to know.

Not unlike the frog, afraid of sand,
The frog, who is all grown up now,
Leaping out onto land,
The world outside continued to amaze and how.

His journey between land and sea

And my journey between work and family.

But now has come the day,
My metamorphosis is complete,
The frog was no longer allowed to laugh and play,
For, all of his duties, he had continued to meet.

He’s far too old to swim in the sea,
And I’m too old for the corporate life
His story ends just like me,
(Gribbit- Gribbit)- with his wife.