Day 2- Poetry Challenge 

Day 2- Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person

The last person I texted was my husband, Vinod. So, this actually happens to be the first time I am writing a poem for him! What I would like to say to him would be incredibly difficult to put into 5 lines, but this is exactly what makes it a challenge! 

In five months time, we complete 3 years of knowing each other. With every passing year, as I get to know him better, the more love and respect I have in my heart for him. 

I am a very private person, I like being in my zone, and it is something about me I’ve always known.

But waking up every morning to your face, I realise you are my space.

I never believed in fantasies and fairytales, or dreams coming true, 

But my wildest fantasy, my Prince Charming and my dreams

Are all trivial when compared to you. 

Love you my Vinoda. 


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